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Sisyphus, for large ensemble (2024) Mvts. I and II

    winds, brass, strings, 3 pianos, 3 percussionists

MIDI realization by composer

In the time of Covid, let us reread the Greeks! They understood what it is to have a curse on the City-State! 

As covid wanes, the restrictions (imperfectly followed!) lift - prematurely.

As the restrictions lift, covid waxes back!

Other burdens America rolls up the mountain, only to dodge them falling back down on us:

- After we elect the lst black President , we elect a President who praises Hitler and his generals.

- As we elevate the lst black woman to the Supreme Court,

SCOTUS reverses 50 years of precedent protecting women's freedom to choose.

Sisyphus is tired of rolling the rock up the mountain!

Civil War is being threatened to protect the 'freedom'...from the Health Department!

Typhoid Mary walks among us - as a heroine!

Movement II, ver.2

Movement I

music starts at :17

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Time for Every Body - Burton Goldstein
00:00 / 00:00
Two Pieces for Piano Quintet - Burton Goldstein
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Time for Every Body (2018)

     for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano & percussion (vibes, glock, xyl)

  MIDI realization by composer


Two Pieces for Piano Quintet (2015 rev. 2018)

  for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano

1. Time Again

2. Time's Up

  MIDI realization by composer

Premiere: March 28, 2015 • Iowa Composers Forum New Music Festival

Perfomed May 2, 2015 • Hear Now Music Festival, Venice, CA

Amy Tatum - flute; Stuart Clark - clarinet; Maia Jasper - violin;

Ira Glansbeck - cello; Todd Moellenberg - piano

Two Pieces arr. for Piano Trio (violin, cello, piano)

Not yet performed.

Scrolling score of Time's Up (MIDI recording) on YouTube:

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